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What Are The Benefits of Being

A Member of the IBEW

You can join your fellow electricians in the Union and stand together to provide a better life for yourself as well as your family or continue to beg and plead for the benefits and wages that you deserve now.   


Your employer doesn’t know the facts about our Union and he does not want you to either.  Ever wonder why?


The IBEW looks out for the best interest of all electricians as well as our industry.  This would be your union.  You and thousands of your fellow electricians collectively negotiate:

                     How Much You Earn                 When You Get Your Raise              Family Health Care         Job Conditions



 Union electricians work to live, they don’t live to work.  This is why we have higher wages and are paid more for shift work as well as running jobs, in addition our overtime is normally based on an 8 hour day not a 40 hour week. 


The ABC and many non-union contractors fight to repeal prevailing wage (scale work) while the union fights to keep a fair equitable wage for all electricians.  The Union believes in a quality workforce for a quality wage. 


HEALTH CARE:   Union Electricians enjoy a generous Family Health Care Plan paid for by their Union Employer with no cost for dependents.  This coverage includes:   

  • Major Medical  

  • Prescription Drug Plan  

  • Optical   

  • Dental   

  • Life Insurance  

  • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance


PENSIONS AND ANNUITIES:  Electricians represented by Local 307 retire to a comfortable and secure life while collecting their pensions.  Our members have four pensions:

  •  Local Union Pension

  •  International Pension

  •  National Employer Pension

  •  Individual Annuity

100% of your pension and annuity is paid into by the union employer.  This is a multi employer program, no matter which union employer you work for, your pensions and health care is collected.  


Your training makes you more productive.  This earns your employer more money.  So, why doesn’t your employer pay for all your training?  All apprenticeship training and journeyman upgrade classes are paid for by the union employer through the Joint Apprenticeship Contribution on behalf of each employee.


Your work experience counts toward your placement into the Union.  There is no replacement for on the job experience.  You will be given credit for every hour you have worked at the trade.  Call and ask us how you can better yourself today; we will be glad to explain the process.

  • Contact Us Today

                       The Union Office


                       Membership Development

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