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What are Union Dues

What are Union Dues?

Union dues are those funds provided by union members to financially support the goals of their organization. In the IBEW, union dues are divided into two parts: The international portion of dues goes to support the representational, research, legal, administrative, and legislative goals of the organization's members on a national level. The local union portion of dues goes to support the goals of the local union's members at the local union level and includes expenses such as handling grieviences, arbitrations, contract negotiation, organizing activities, rents, etc.

How much are the IBEW's  dues?

BASE DUES: $22.00 Per Month for "BA" Members

BASE DUES: $43.00 Per Month for "A" Members*

WORKING DUES: 6% of base (monthly) earnings

The total of both BASE & WORKING DUES is Due Monthly.

  • A portion of your union dues goes to the International Office (I.O.) of the IBEW and a portion of the union dues remain with the Local Union (LU).

The IO Portion and LU Portion is computed as follows:

  • "BA" members - International Office portion - $22.00 per month

  • Local Union portion - $5.00 per month minimum

    • LU 307 BA Members Dues = $27.00 per month

  • "A" members* - International Office portion - $43.00 per month

  • Local Union portion - $5.00 per month minimum

    • LU 307 A Members Dues = $48.00 per month


* "A" members participate in a voluntary pension plan and death benefit insurance plan.

Local Union dues are determined by the local union membership.

How is the amount of union dues determined?

The members determine the amount of union dues paid to their Local and International union by a democratic majority vote. Members must decide what amount of dues will be necessary to provide economic resources to achieve their goals.


What are the initiation fees?

An initiation fee is a charge to new members of a local union. In the IBEW, the initiation fee is purposely kept low (we want to invite new members in, not keep them out economically).


Do unions collect dues for profit?

No. Unions are non-profit organizations under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. The dues they collect from the members are for the specific purpose of benefitting the goals of the membership.


Does the union have any rules on use of union funds?

Yes, very stringent rules. Any expenditure of local union funds must be approved by the membership. At each meeting, a financial report is presented to a local union's members for approval by the membership. No local union can expend funds without prior approval of the members. Each Local Union is also required to provide a quarterly audit of its funds to the members. Also, Unions are governed by the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959. This federal law provides very strict federal penalties, (including prison) for anyone misappropriating union funds. Unions must file annual reports with the U.S. Department of Labor outlining expenditures and income for the union. Unions are subject to audit by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Labor Management Standards, at any time.



IBEW Death Benefit: - This is included in the $48.00 you pay for monthly dues.

                                                $  6250.00       Natural Cause     $12,500.00  Accidental Cause

Local Union Death Benefit: - $        2.00       is collected each time a member passes away.  

                                                $     500.00      is paid to your beneficiary

Maryland Electrical Health and Welfare: -    As long as you are active in the Health and Welfare

                                                $ 10,000.00     Natural Cause     $20,000.00 Accidental Cause


You MUST complete a beneficiary form and name a beneficiary for EACH BENEFIT!

These forms are mailed to you from the Maryland Electrical Industry Fund Office.  If you do not receive this information, please call 1-800-352-2741 and request beneficiary forms for all funds or contact the union hall.

Make sure ALL Beneficiary Forms have been completed and notarized if necessary. 


Union Membership doesn't cost...It Pays!


The IBEW Delegates authorized an IBEW Per Capita DUES increase for both “A” and “BA” members of $2.00 per month at the 40th International Convention effective January 1, 2023.

In addition, the Delegates authorized an increase to the Pension Benefit Fund for “A” members members of $2.00 per month effective January 1, 2023.

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